Observation of nonscalar and logarithmic correlations in two- and three-dimensional percolation


题目:Observation of nonscalar and logarithmic correlations in two- and three-dimensional percolation 

报告人:邓友金 教授 中国科学技术大学 

时间: 11月21日(周四),上午10-11点 

地点: 南校区第一实验楼423会议室 

报告摘要: In bulk percolation, we exhibit operators that insert N clusters with any given symmetry under the symmetric group . At the critical threshold, this leads to predictions that certain combinations of two-point correlation functions depend logarithmically on distance, without the usual power law. The behavior under rotations of certain amplitudes of correlators is also determined exactly. All these results hold in any dimension, 2 ≤ d ≤ 6.Moreover, in d = 2 the critical exponents and universal logarithmic prefactors are obtained exactly. We test these predictions against extensive simulations of critical bond percolation in d = 2 and 3, for all correlators up to N = 4(d = 2) and N = 3(d = 3), finding excellent agreement. In d = 3 we further obtain precise numerical estimates for critical exponents and logarithmic prefactors. 


邓友金,中国科学技术大学教授及美国麻省大学阿莫斯特分校兼职教授,国家杰出青年基金获得者。2000年获得北京师范大学硕士学位,2004年获得荷兰代尔夫特技术大学博士学位。随后,在美国纽约大学及德国海德堡大学(洪堡学者)从事博士后工作。2008年加入中科大。主要研究方向有计算物理、统计物理及量子模拟理论。获得教育部“新世纪人才”、 科技部973项目、及基金委“国家杰出青年”等基金支持,并获得中科大“困学守望之优秀教学奖”、“困学守望之杰出教学奖”及“青年教师基本功竞赛一等奖”等表彰。在国际权威物理期刊发表论文120余篇,包括Science、Nature及子刊、Physical Review Letters等顶级物理期刊27篇。